Design A Trip

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So here we go. Let's get started! Don't leave anything out. Read carefully and provide the needed information. The details help me make sure I am planning the best trip for you. 

Don't forget to schedule our discovery call on the confirmation page.

  • Not sure? I am more than happy to help you decide. Give me an idea and we can go from there. Please allow extra time to receiving a quote
  • Most all-inclusive resorts are located in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, so these destinations are where you get the most variety and value, but there are a few sprinkled around in other place
  • If you're cruising please include your preferred departure port. If you are flying or need a car rental, include your departure/origin city.
  • Note: Most bookings can only be held for up to 48 hours. With the demand in travel and changes in pricing, it is important that you are prepared to make a deposit/payment at the time your quote is received. You may request 1 one quote change. There will be a $50 service fee applied if a 3rd quote is needed.