Planning Fees

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” – Anonymous. ...

Trip planning fees for customized travel covers the initial consultation, research, development of the proposal, two (2) revisions to perfect the customized itinerary, booking, managing all components and support while traveling. Fees are based on the complexity of the trip. Airfare is not included.

Fees for Custom Travel Planning:

Couples: Starting at $50 for full trip planning, up to 10 days  per couple. An additional $25 per person, per quote thereafter. (Air recommendations are included.)

Small Groups: Starting at $100 for full trip planning, up to 10 days for 5-10 people. An additional $25 per person, per proposal thereafter.

Solo Travelers: Starting at $25 for full trip planning, up to 10 days for 1 person. An additional $25 per person, per quote thereafter.

A Proposal is for one overall trip quote which includes two options.

Additional proposals will be charged an additional planning fee of $25 per person. Last-minute booking fee is an additional $100 for trip requests within 60 days of travel or 90 days of holiday travel.

Hotel Only Bookings:

I have access to some of the world’s most distinguished premium properties. My added amenity program offers you VIP-worthy privileges that enable me to craft memorable and authentic experiences for you. When you book with me, I make sure you feel like a VIP by upgrading your booking when possible so you get perks and benefits that you cannot get when you book directly or through an online booking engine.

These valuable benefits often include:

• Complimentary Breakfast for two

• Upgrade (on arrival, subject to availability)

• Resort, Food & Beverage or Spa credit (usually valued at $100 per stay)

• Early check-in/check-out (subject to availability)

*Please note that if the hotel is not a member of or a preferred partner, we may not be able to get you additional benefits.

For Hotel Only Bookings:

$0 when client specifies which property and dates and wants to take advantage of or preferred partner amenities.

$50 per trip if there is research involved in finding you the perfect property. This covers up to 3 hotels in one location.

$100 late booking fee for all hotels requested within 7 days prior to departure.

More time-intensive requests requiring sourcing options from an extended list of vetted options will be charged $50 per person. For more comprehensive assistance, we can discuss and see if a full-service customized itinerary makes more sense.

Concierge Services (optional)

Our Trip Planning Fees cover the logistics of the trip, and include land arrangements including hotels, trains, transfers, and scheduled activities. We are also happy to assist with restaurant reservations on-site at a resort or hotel where you are staying for 3-10 days.

For our Concierge services, such as local restaurant reservations, extensive scheduling and suggestions of self-guided activities during your leisure time, theater tickets, and other Concierge services such as setting up a special event, booking your shore excursions, and dining reservations for your cruise, our rates begin at $25 per person of travel.

Ocean and River Cruises:

$0 when client specifies the ship and sail date for up to two cruises. Additional dates are $50 per quote

$50 per trip if there is research involved in finding you the perfect sailing. This covers up to 3 cruises with a maximum length of 14 days.

$0 of this fee will be credited back to you in the form of onboard credits. Additional fees are required for voyages longer than 15 days as well as back-to-back voyages. Please inquire.

By paying our planning fee, you understand and accept for yourself and the travelers included in your party the planning fees outlined herein. You acknowledge and accept that all fees are non-refundable, whether you decide to book the travel presented or not. You agree to all fees such as cancellation policies, change fees, and penalties, and understand that unused portions of travel vouchers are non-refundable. You also understand that these fees are separate from the cost of your trip and the tour operator/cruise line policies and are non-transferable. By paying my planning fee, you also acknowledge receiving a copy of our Terms and Conditions and a copy of this Planning Fee Agreement. Paid planning fees are valid for up 30 days after the initial proposal/quote is delivered.



Easily 5-stars. An elite service with a wealth of knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm, integrity, and resourcefulness.

— Renee
Kimberly did a great job planning our anniversary vacation! She was very helpful and very detailed in planning! We really enjoyed our vacation! We are already planning another vacation with A Girl & A Bag!!!
— Chiquida 
Costa Rica

They were very professional and handled all my requests with care. We called once we arrived in the city and they were able to find us a nice room within our budget. We definitely will be using them for all of our travel needs.

Charleston, SC.