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Traveling with a small group of friends or family creates a special kind of magic. Imagine exploring the vibrant streets of Barcelona with your closest friends, embarking on a safari in Kenya with your family, or sharing a villa in Tuscany with a group of like-minded travelers. Small group travel brings you closer together, creating deeper connections and memories that last a lifetime.

When you travel with a small group, you enjoy the best of both worlds – the camaraderie and fun of traveling with others, combined with the flexibility and intimacy that larger tours often lack. It’s about laughter, inside jokes, and those unforgettable moments that are even better when shared.


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Why Choose A Girl & A Bag Boutique Travel Desigenrs?

At a Girl & a Bag, we specialize in crafting exceptional small group travel experiences that cater to your unique interests and needs. Whether you're planning a family reunion, a trip with friends, or a special interest tour, we ensure every detail is perfect. Here’s why you should trust us with your next group adventure:

Exclusive Experiences: Gain access to unique experiences that cater specifically to small groups. Whether it's a private cooking class in Italy, a guided hike in the Swiss Alps, or a personalized wine tasting tour in Napa Valley, we create moments that your group will cherish forever.

Group Dynamics Expertise: We understand the dynamics of group travel and know how to balance together time with individual interests. Our itineraries are designed to provide the right mix of group activities and personal downtime.

Tailored Itineraries: We design bespoke itineraries that reflect the interests and preferences of your group. From adventure-packed trips to relaxing retreats, every aspect is customized to ensure everyone has an amazing time.

Effortless Planning: Planning travel for a group can be overwhelming, but we handle all the logistics for you. From accommodations to arranging group activities and meals, we take care of everything so you can focus on enjoying the trip.

Personalized Service: With our expertise and passion for travel, we provide personalized service that ensures your trip goes smoothly. We’re here to assist with any special requests and to make sure everyone in your group feels taken care of.

 Attention to Detail: From the moment you contact us to the day you return, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring your group travel experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Ready to Plan Your Group Adventure?

Explore the world with your favorite people and create unforgettable memories together. Let a Girl & a Bag turn your group travel dreams into reality, crafting an exceptional journey filled with laughter, adventure, and togetherness. Contact us today to start planning your next small group adventure. Because shared experiences make the best memories.

I create bespoke travel experiences for discerning adults. The bonds you make with your loved ones when when you travel together cannot be matched. 

- Kimberly Stewart Founder, A Girl & A Bag Boutique Travel Designers