When I first told my husband that I wanted to be a travel agent he sort of squinted and then asked me if “people even used travel agents anymore.” He wasn’t being negative, just analytical. After all,  he had never used one and I had only used one once. Fast forward a few weeks and my cousin booked us a cruise using a travel agent. How ironic, right? It wasn’t a new idea for me.  Many years ago I’d met a travel agent while I was working my dream job, and every time I thought about her I sparkled a little. How great it must be to make people so happy.
It’s been in me for a long time. Something I’ve wanted to do for years. But like most people, I didn’t think that in the days of online booking engines people needed an agent. Well, yes, you do. That online booking engine won’t help you in a pinch. They won’t do a deep dive in to your needs or wants. And, you will spend quite some time searching for the perfect getaway. Recently, thousands of travelers found out that online booking engines will not help you get back into the country in the case of a pandemic. I think it’s worth using an agent, right?
So I jumped in. I signed up for classes and didn’t mention it to anyone for a while. Then I started telling my close friends and family. They all gave me a thumbs up. So here we are, your Boutique Travel Designer!


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