My First Post

It's been a long time coming. After many years of toying with an idea in my head and watching other people "live their best life", I decided to pull the trigger and live mine. If you know me, you know that I love to travel. I love to talk about travel, plan travel, and read about travel. Honestly, in the grand scheme of things I haven't traveled that much. I've been to a few countries and finally made it to the west coast. But, after embarking on this new journey ad a travel designer, I talk to people who have been to the most amazing places and have gone around the globe in one trip. I am truly envious and can only dream about joining them one day.

So why are we here? Because of my love for travel I want to help others do the same. Sure, you can read books and look a pictures but there is nothing like being there. Being in a space that is so far away from what you have known. Learning other cultures and realizing that there is so much more to life. And here we are, so grab your bags and let this girl plan your trip.




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