The Sea Fish & Chips


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The Sea Fish & Chips

A very clean, centrally located fish and chip shop, the Sea Fish And Chips Restaurant enjoys a good reputation for the quality of its meals and speed of service. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced from trusted suppliers. Another location is close to Winter Gardens.


The cuisine in the North of England has long been a source of amusement for outsiders - perhaps, partially due to the quirky dish names like "Rumbledethumps", "Tatty Ash" or "Singin’ Hinnies". And yet one of the finest English dishes is undoubtedly the Lancashire hotpot, a slow-cooked lamb stew that literally melts in your mouth. Another quintessentially English dish with strong associations with Blackpool is the classic fish and chips - pick it up at one of the corner shops or savour an elevated version at one of Blackpool's fancier dining establishments.