Othello's Greek


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Othello's Greek

Othello's serves authentic Greek food in a casual setting. Menu highlights include mouthwatering Moussaka (a potato, minced beef & aubergine dish), Keftedes (traditional meat balls), Souvlaki (kebab) and the restaurant's signature dish, Lamb Kleftiko (five-hour roasted lamb).


The cuisine in the North of England has long been a source of amusement for outsiders - perhaps, partially due to the quirky dish names like "Rumbledethumps", "Tatty Ash" or "Singin’ Hinnies". And yet one of the finest English dishes is undoubtedly the Lancashire hotpot, a slow-cooked lamb stew that literally melts in your mouth. Another quintessentially English dish with strong associations with Blackpool is the classic fish and chips - pick it up at one of the corner shops or savour an elevated version at one of Blackpool's fancier dining establishments.